Old English Sheepdog Rescue

Rescue is an important function of any dog breed club. An OES may need rescue for many reasons, such as an owner’s neglect, death or move to a place where they can’t take their OES with them. The GPOESC works with OES rescue organizations from all around the country.

rescue oesIf you know of an OES that needs a new home or is in a situation that requires a rescue, please contact an OES rescue contact. Rescue contacts generally have a list of screened and qualified people who want to adopt an OES and bring it into a home where it will be well cared for.

If you would like to be on the list to adopt a rescue OES, please contact one or more of the organizations listed below.


Lita Long - GPOESC Rescue Contact - email >>

Old English Sheepdog of America - OESCA Rescue - Provides information on OES rescue and many contacts from around the U.S. OESCA Rescue >>

Old English Sheepdog Rescue of Colorado - OESROC Rescue >>

New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue- NEOESR Rescue >>